Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tina Goes to the Fair! (pt 6)

This is Part 6! Read from Part 1!

Tina was nearing the end of her day at the Fair when she stopped in to the Agriculture building to check out some of the best the Central Valley has to offer. Here we poses with a selection of garlic grown locally in Colinga, CA

Right next door was a display of the many (many, many) varieties of grapes grown in the Central Valley.

And just look at all of those apples!

Tina even found the Queen Bee! Can you find her?

Tina's last stop was in the Home Arts building to check out the lovely quilts...

And beautiful table displays!

This concludes Tina's trip to the fair. Be sure to check out all the previous posts to see where else Tina has been. Also check out Tina's first post to see a schedule of upcoming events that Tina/Ted will be attending. If you know of a good place for Ted or Tina to visit near the Central Valley, leave your suggestion in the comments below.


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