Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year New Blog!

Happy new year!!

Over the winter break, we decided to move the blog from Blogspot to WordPress. This affords us more options, better accessibility, and a better mobile look. All of the posts have already been moved over, so you can start reading the blog over there without any interruption. Please change your bookmarks and RSS feeds!

Posts about Ted and Tina's winter trip to Mexico coming soon (on the new blog)!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ted Visits Brooklyn, Princeton, and the NYC Christmas Tree!

Ted finished out his whirlwind trip to NYC by heading over to Brooklyn, Princeton, and the Christmas Tree.

I am told that in this photo, Brooklyn should be in the background. I can't see it, maybe you can?

Next, Ted made his way over to check out Ivy League Princeton. If only turtles could make it into college...

And our little turtle made some time to check out the changing East Coast leaves. On the West Coast, the leaves don't change color. They are either on the tree or off of it.

Though you might not know it, Ted is a bit of a foodie. So he took some time to check out House of Cupcakes in New Jersey, where Food Network films Cupcake Wars. M, Ted's NYC buddy suggests the Oreo cupcake. Ted, of course, got the turtle cupcake.

Finally Ted had to head back to NYC, just in time to see the great tree lit...

I can only assume from the photos that the area was packed with spectators who wanted to watch the giant NYC Christmas Tree get lit in Rockefeller Center. (See our earlier post for more info on the tree and topper!)

And, in all of its lit-up glory:

Remember to stay tuned in the coming days/weeks: Ted has already arrived in Guadalajara and Tina is soon to be on her way there as well. They expect to be visiting the fabulous Sunday market and the beach over the next two weeks! Stay Tuned!!!

Ted Checks Out Wall St.!

 In keeping up with current events, Ted had to visit Wall St. Although there doesn't seem to be any protesters in these shots, the police presence is unmistakable!

Ted Visits the WTC Memorial, Bryant Park, and Little Italy!

I know we have gotten a little bit behind during the Christmas season, due to a second job I have taken up for the season. However, Ted has been as busy as ever: visiting the signs around NYC before heading to Mexico for Christmas.

Here he is, at the 9/11 memorial:

This photo shows the construction currently taking place at the new memorial building, seen here almost finished.

Ted also visited another famous ice skating rink: Bryant Park!

And Ted took a stroll around Little Italy:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ted's Holidays Christmas in NYC

Ted the Traveling Turtle is finally getting out and about in the Big Apple, just in time for the holidays. His first stop, like many a tourist this time of year, is to Rockefeller Center. You may recognize some of these locations from movies, postcards, and the title sequence to one of Ted's favorite shows, 30 Rock!

  • Rockefeller Center opened in May 1933. It employed over 40,000 people, an impressive number, considering it was built in the middle of the Great Depression.
  • The complex spans an area of 22 acres
  • Rockefeller Center was named a national landmark in 1987
  • The Center's design team had the belief that "art was an act of good citizenship" and designed the complex in classic Art Deco
  • there are indeed 488 elevators in Rockefeller Center
  • The famous Rainbow Room is located on Floor 65 of the center

  • This is the 45-foot tall stature of Atlas, one of many sculptures across the complex
No visit would be complete without a photo with the Flags of All Nations. If you look closely you can see a billboard for the upcoming holiday festivities behind the flags. More on that, coming up!

Although Ted looks like a sporty fellow, he doe snot enjoy ice skating. He would rather watch people slip on the ice at one of the nations most famous ice rinks.
  •  This skating rink is only 122 feet long and 59 feet wide and can accommodate up to 150 people
  • It made its first debut in 1936 to attract visitors to the Plaza, and has since become a permanent fixture
 Here Ted visits both NBC Studios and Radio City Music Hall (in the background)
  • Notable shows taped at this NBC Studios: Jeapordy (1964-1975), Late Night with David Letterman (1982-1993), Saturday Night Live (1975-present), and The Tonight Show (1957-1972)
  • Radio City Music Hall, home of the Rockettes, was declared a city landmark in 1978
  • It houses a 6,000 seat historic concert hall.
  • When it first opened, Radio City was supposed to be a place for live plays, but the sound was lost in the cavernous theater. It was then converted to a feature film theater with a stage.
  • The first film ever shown there was Frank Capra's The Bitter Tea of General Yen, which continued until 1979 with four complete performances a day
Ted went on to see the famous Christmas Tree, being prepared for its lighting during the first week of December.
  • The tree is generally between 75 and 90 feet tall and requires over five miles of lights to decorate
  • The first Christmas tree to be debuted at Rockefeller Center was in 1933
 Ted got up close and personal with the 2011 Swarovski Star, a replica of the one on top of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.
  • This star's 12 rays have 720 LED bulbs on 3,000 feet of wired to create the twinkling effect through custom light sequencing
  • It is composed of 25,000 crystals with 1,000,000 facets
  • It measures 9 1/2 feet in diameter and is 1 1/2 feet deep
  • It weighs 550 lbs, including the 300 lbs of crystals
  • The star was created by nine artisans over 1,200 hours.
 At the end of his visit, Ted gazed at the Christmas Angels. The angels were sculpted by Valeria Clarebout in 1954. They are composed of aluminum wire, paint, brass wire, and lights.

Soon Ted will finish out his stay in NYC and head to beautiful Jalisco, Mexico for a holiday under the sun! Stay tuned!

Ted's Favorite NYC Store!

 Ted is having an absolute BLAST in New York this winter. He is going everywhere, seeing all the signs, and even doing a little shopping at his favorite store: Nintendo World!

Yes, your favorite traveling stuffed turtle is a big fan of the little plumber that could...

But his favorite of all time is Link, that princess saving, horse riding, Master Sword wielding hero of Hyrule.

Here is is with Link's famous Hylian and Deku shields....

And Link's newest weapon, the Skyward Sword!

 Ted pays tribute to Link and Legend of Zelda at this 25th Anniversary commemorative flag

Next up: Ted experiences the holidays in the Big Apple!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ted Makes It To NYC!

An update from your favorite stuffed turtle! Ted is in New York!

Ted's good buddy C's big bro M lives in Manhattan just south of Central Park. On his most recent visit to the west coast, C stashed our beloved turtle in M's luggage and he stowed away all the way to the Big Apple.

Here is Ted hanging out in M's apartment, catching up on some video games:

Ted's first official outing in the Big City was to the New York City ING Marathon. He scored a primo spot at the north east corner of Central Park, watching the runners fly by:

Ted will be hanging out in New York for a month and a half until he makes his first international journey to the beautiful town of Tonala in Jalisco, Mexico over the Christmas break.

Meanwhile, Tina is hanging out at home, going on small trips and holding down the fort in California. She will soon be leaving for a Thanksgiving trip to Oregon, so stay tuned!